Forgot about a pen

Back in the library today. Stayed home for a couple of days working on lyrics and putting them with the acoustic guitar. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way for me to write a melody and lyrics to go with the song I put up last week (which by the way has probably changed 100%) Just sitting down singing nonsense over what pretty much equates to a bassline trying to find something apt to put in. Then after finally getting into the swing of it and using actual words, I stumbled across some secret combination of perfect words and melody. (this song has taken on a Metric meets The Velvet Underground kinda thing) I sang it a few more times along with the rest of what I had written and it worked very well. Of course after that I wanted to sing it more. The thought of writing it down popped into my head, as it should, but I couldn’t find my pen or notebook anywhere. Had to search all over just to find a pen (one that worked at least) and something to write on. By the time I finally found one (I had to walk ALL the way into the other room) and got back to sing it and write it down, I could NOT remember it at all. I knew it had some kind of flutter (not a technical term, that I know of) at the end of it.

This was the chorus (or Hook depending on who you ask) I was working on here, a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pre……….tty important part of the song. And it was just gone like that. It was a slippery slope from there on out. Getting mad, losing trains of thought, which I’ve kind of always had a problem with that saying. I dont necessarily equate thought to a train. I mean how do you lose a train? Wouldn’t they be on a track somewhere? Have you ever tried to drive a train anywhere other than tracks? Does our brain only have a certain set path that it is allowed to follow? I can only speak for myself but my thoughts never seem to follow any set path, especially now, without the distractions of electricity at home. Luckily, I have a guitar to bring it back down to earth. Sometimes when I look at the moon, I freak the fuck out. Now I have learned to always have a pen and pad near me at all times.

So maybe next time I will have some lyrics up here. If you guessed that I am writing about being without electricity and not paying bills, then congratulations. I also want to write a song about a robot that still lives with his parents, and likes sex. Hornbot.

I would like to take this space to thank the very kind gentleman who wanted to remain nameless and not let us know until he left that he paid for a jacket that I have wanted for years, but could never find, at the thrift store that I wanted so badly, and had to convince my lady that we could get it if I made sacrifices this week. So if you ever read this, guy in a white SUV, thank you so very much. You truly made my day! Inspiring really!
I would also like to apologize to the older lady at starbucks that I think may have been trying to have a conversation with me/trying to get up all in my junk. Sorry, I didn’t really know what you wanted to talk about and I’m sorry if I offended you, you seemed nervous. Sorry. If you are rich and want to give me money get in touch with me lady! Or if anyone is rich and wants to give me money, get in touch with me! I DO take personal checks!

Until the next time I let my scatterbrain turn into scatterfingers.


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Back at the library today, playing around with chords.  Had a little bit of graphic design (something else I love) stuff to deal with yesterday.  One of the weirdest things I have noticed is after being inside my headphones (figuratively, I am not a tiny person) for a while at the library, I get sucked into the atmosphere of whatever I happen to be working on.  Then a bathroom break strikes, usually very very quickly, and immediately removing myself from the work there is just an absolute silence that can’t be found anywhere else. And for a second I get completely detached from everything and it’s a very jarring experience.  Very different from waking up suddenly, maybe close to being on a space station for 366 days going to sleep, then waking up in someone else’s bed back on earth.

This only happens at one of the libraries here in town.  The other one downtown is a place well populated with the homeless community.  Where conversations range from “God-damn shit” to “Johnny didn’t take all the meth with him”[these are parts of conversations I have actually heard] .  I’m not totally unsympathetic to the homeless, I once gave one a nickel.  But walking into a building, I expect to not see someone pissing on a pillar in the middle of the bright-ass afternoon.  Outside of a fast-food place was a lady begging for change to get something to eat, after being berated by a middle-aged guy so self-important to tell her there are places to go to get help, and talking down to her, making himself feel so much better as he yelled at her from his Lexus, she just wanted something to eat so I went over to give her the rest of my fries.  As I was walking over to her, within 2 steps of her, she pulls out her cell phone and starts calling someone.  It was already too late, and I gave her the fries, but turns out she must not have been THAT hungry because after eating just a few fries she proceeds to throw the rest of them away.  Before that she saw me light up a cigarette and asked if she could have one.  Being the sucker I am I couldn’t say no.  Handing her one she asked if she could have 2 more.  I learned, or rather unlearned a lesson that day.  Beggars can, in fact, be choosers.

Sorry what was I talking about, ooh yeah the silence [actually had to scroll back up and see what I was talking about]  As soon as that silence hits me, well more like a few seconds after, I automatically think that I might have been humming/whistling/playing drums on the desk, which slams me right back to reality, then the reason I got up in the first place (bathroom break) slams me even further back down to reality.  I just hope one of these days I don’t stand up and just shit my pants.  I will let you know if I do.

So now I am playing with chords here (I don’t really have any formal training so it’s just kind of playing until something sounds good).  I was lucky enough to find ScaleTool.  It’s such a useful tool when it comes to making music when you don’t really know what you are doing exactly.  I have had to refer back to it so much lately because playing on the computer keyboard is completely different from the muscle memory of playing on an actual keyboard.  Plus I get a little self-conscious/paranoid sometimes, looking through other people’s eyes that don’t know what I am doing.  I imagine them thinking “Man, that guy over in the corner must really love typing the letter R” to which I reply telepathically “I’m just an illiterate pirate”.

I hope to soon get over this and just do what I need to do.  It’s getting easier and easier each day. I now know that D minor consists of S F and H.  Those aren’t musical notes by the way.  Although I would love to play an S note.  It sounds like it would be really cool, like the coolest of them all, it would probably wear sunglasses.

Until next time.


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Unplugged or How I learned to stop worrying and write a song

Went to the library, but the one spot that has a plug by it (aka MY spot)  was already taken.  I tried waiting around a while to see if they were ready to leave soon, but no luck.  At home I tried playing around on the guitar a little bit, but nothing good was coming out.  So I started to write lyrics.  This semi-scares me.  I’ve been putting it off for too long.  Thought I could listen to some music until inspiration strikes out of thin air.  After listening to some songs from my past that I really seemed to connect with, something dawned on me, I’m just going to have to put it out there.

I don’t want to say I am a very private person, but like everyone else, I have a little trouble putting it all out there for people to see.  I’ve never written serious lyrics purely on my own (well I did when I was trying to win a girl’s heart years ago, didn’t work, more on that later, maybe) .  Studying some of my favorite songs, I’ve found a kind of vague specificness seems to run through them a lot. This is one of my all time favorite song –

There is a very specific person and relationship in the song, but it is never put into too much specifics.  I have confused the two for quite some time (especially trying to win a girls heart!)  There has to be a certain amount of mystery involved, but not too much, it still has to make sense, unless of course you are Beck, but he still has a way of saying nonsense and it still making sense.

So I am hesitant to post lyrics up here until they are complete, I may change my mind later on, and post some parts I really love, or some that are just utter shit.  But writing them and putting them out there doesnt seem so scary to me anymore.

Unlocking secrets one at a time!

I promise more bad jokes tomorrow, but until then, FART!


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Open for Business

It’s Monday and the library is open today which means work can start.  My initial plan was to put some songs up as they are finished, but I think posting my day’s work could help me examine the process a little more (cue snooty holier-than-thou pretentious laugh)  So here is a little bit of what I am working on.

By no means is this even close to being finished, it won’t be completely done until vocals, guitars, bass, any other sound I need to record are in it.  And there really is no structure to it, just kind of ideas next to one another.  I’ve been going back and listening to lots of Radiohead, mainly Kid A, so you may or may not be able to hear it in there.  I fell in love with that album thanks to some big ass headphones and a trip that would not go away, so it will always hold a special place in my heart (and my spinal cord!)

Hopefully I can look at what I make with a fresh set of eyes knowing that this tiny little beginning, this sperm of a song is out in a public space for anyone that can spell darkadventureslibrarymusic, wordpress, com, and . . (this is not an ellipses but a lame attempt at a punctuation joke which actually could be the lamest TYPE of joke, except for that last one so i have now made the 2 lamest jokes in the history of lame joke making, which is a pretty big feat.  I mean, have you seen Jeff Dunham and Carlos Mencia?)

Speaking of lame, what’s the deal with guys with ponytails?  Do they not know just how skeezy and gross it looks.  They aren’t even masculine at all. It’s a PONYtail!  I could understand if they were horsetails, but come on pony is one step below unicorn.  So guys please if you have a ponytail (or even long hair) cut it right now.  I know you think it makes you look “hard” or “super-uber-counter-culture-see-I-smoke-weed-I’m-cool-man”  but it just makes you look like a rapist.

Hello Ladies!

And ladies, guys don’t give a fuck about your nails, or how many colors you can put on them, or if you can put your astrological sign on each nail.  Gross.  That’s all I have to say about those.  Also, they get in the way when you wash dishes.  MISOGYNY!!!!!!!

I hope you like my music, unless you are a guy with long hair or a girl with big gross nails.



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Wasted Day

After temperatures being in the 90’s (like degrees, not wearing flannel and hating the world) for what seems like since the beginning of the summer, it finally cooled off a little bit today.  So instead of wasting my day inside a library like so many to come, I decided to take my first day of working on music off.  I wanted to get outside and enjoy the nice weather even if it is just reading a book outside.  And this next part I am not sure that even I believe it , but there were lots  of clouds in the sky today.  Clouds?!?! In California?!?!?! Wha…Huh…?

Since moving to the west coast about a year ago, I think there has been a grand total of 5 days with rain.  Rain for 10 minutes, then sunshine the rest of the day, that’s pretty much how it goes.  Sure it may sound nice on paper(everything looks perfect from far away) , sunny all the time, never have to check the weather, and other obvious perks, but I’ve realized just how much I actually enjoy weather.  I really miss the rain for 3 days straight in the mountains on the east coast.  Wind, clouds, snow, hail, actual weather!  I was thinking of maybe being a meteorologist here in California.   Seems like the easiest job in the world “Fuckin’ sunny as shit again today” would be the name of my segment.   They say rain is supposed to make you depressed, but I’m not buying it (what they are saying, not depression, who the hell buys depression?).  If it was constant rain everyday, I can see that, but I’m believing it’s the lack of variety that really contributes.  I’m not saying that I suffer from depression, but there is a little something depressing about the same thing outside day after day.  It just so happens to be the sun here, so I am proposing my theory of Sun Depression, or Sunpression if you will.  I am basing this on nothing at all, which seems to be completely credible to do on the internet.

I miss my east coast and the variations in the weather, and something different, not this bullshit everyday.  I feel like I’m starting to get too cynical, so here is a picture of a puppy!

Library is closed tomorrow, hope to do something.


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Going Green (not by choice)

About a week ago I chose to not pay my power bill on time, the choice was easy to make because I did not have the money to pay for it.  For some reason if you don’t pay your bill they turn off the service.  It’s taken a little getting used to, but luckily there are Starbucks and libraries that offer outlets for me to pilfer, which means that yes, I am able to see who went home on this weeks Americas Next Top Model (luckily it was not one of my favorites).

I am guessing I should say a little bit about myself here. I have been making music (electronic, but not necessarily TECHNO) for quite a while now and have met some success during my “career”.  Unfortunately this “career” isn’t paying much right now, and I’ve been jobless for the better part of a year.  After moving to California, I finally saw just how competitive the job market is here.  50 people interviewing at once for a part-time cook position, really?  So no job = no money = no power = me saving the earth!

I am still making music though the process has changed quite a bit now.  Thankfully the program I use to produce it has a new feature that allows the keyboard on the computer to function as a keyboard, like a music keyboard (how meta?)   That has allowed me to still play music without having to lug a big keyboard around with me wherever I am stealing power from that day.  It got me thinking, could I make an entire EP while without power and making it out in public?  So it starts a new experiment, make a cohesive piece of work entirely in public area, or at least the majority of it until my power gets turned back on, I dont think the library would appreciate a kid in the corner singing terribly to his laptop.

I will update this as the process goes along, and post pieces of my work as I get them finished, or as they are getting finished, or as I start them, whatever.  There may also be some other fun things I see during the day out and about or at night, like last night.  I went outside at my apartment at 12:30 and heard a baby crying, not like in a crib or anything but outside crying.  The same time there was a stray cat crying.  So the best thing the mother decided she could do?  Take the baby over to the stray cat which happened to be right in front of my apartment, so they could both cry to each other.  Seriously who takes a little baby outside at 12:30 at night to see a wild, possibly-raibies-ridden-cat.  Any who, I am going to be making music at libraries now.  If you would like to keep track of me, I will try posting here everyday.  I say try because I’m not too good at the remembering thing (remember the power bill not getting paid?)  And if you would like to make a donation be my benefactor/sugar momma please contact me.

Should have some music up tomorrow if you would like to come by and check it out! Thank you!


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