Forgot about a pen

Back in the library today. Stayed home for a couple of days working on lyrics and putting them with the acoustic guitar. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way for me to write a melody and lyrics to go with the song I put up last week (which by the way has probably changed 100%) Just sitting down singing nonsense over what pretty much equates to a bassline trying to find something apt to put in. Then after finally getting into the swing of it and using actual words, I stumbled across some secret combination of perfect words and melody. (this song has taken on a Metric meets The Velvet Underground kinda thing) I sang it a few more times along with the rest of what I had written and it worked very well. Of course after that I wanted to sing it more. The thought of writing it down popped into my head, as it should, but I couldn’t find my pen or notebook anywhere. Had to search all over just to find a pen (one that worked at least) and something to write on. By the time I finally found one (I had to walk ALL the way into the other room) and got back to sing it and write it down, I could NOT remember it at all. I knew it had some kind of flutter (not a technical term, that I know of) at the end of it.

This was the chorus (or Hook depending on who you ask) I was working on here, a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pre……….tty important part of the song. And it was just gone like that. It was a slippery slope from there on out. Getting mad, losing trains of thought, which I’ve kind of always had a problem with that saying. I dont necessarily equate thought to a train. I mean how do you lose a train? Wouldn’t they be on a track somewhere? Have you ever tried to drive a train anywhere other than tracks? Does our brain only have a certain set path that it is allowed to follow? I can only speak for myself but my thoughts never seem to follow any set path, especially now, without the distractions of electricity at home. Luckily, I have a guitar to bring it back down to earth. Sometimes when I look at the moon, I freak the fuck out. Now I have learned to always have a pen and pad near me at all times.

So maybe next time I will have some lyrics up here. If you guessed that I am writing about being without electricity and not paying bills, then congratulations. I also want to write a song about a robot that still lives with his parents, and likes sex. Hornbot.

I would like to take this space to thank the very kind gentleman who wanted to remain nameless and not let us know until he left that he paid for a jacket that I have wanted for years, but could never find, at the thrift store that I wanted so badly, and had to convince my lady that we could get it if I made sacrifices this week. So if you ever read this, guy in a white SUV, thank you so very much. You truly made my day! Inspiring really!
I would also like to apologize to the older lady at starbucks that I think may have been trying to have a conversation with me/trying to get up all in my junk. Sorry, I didn’t really know what you wanted to talk about and I’m sorry if I offended you, you seemed nervous. Sorry. If you are rich and want to give me money get in touch with me lady! Or if anyone is rich and wants to give me money, get in touch with me! I DO take personal checks!

Until the next time I let my scatterbrain turn into scatterfingers.


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